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Friday, 20 May 2016 13:43

Membership Referral Program

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The New Member Referral Program is a continuous program designed to grow the Chamber and

provide rewards and recognition to members who refer prospects to the Norwalk Chamber of

Commerce that result in a new membership. The referred business prospect will be contacted by

the Chamber’s staff who will explain the benefits of Chamber membership. The idea is to reward

both current members for each successful referral as well as to each prospective member that



New Membership Referral Terms

  • Referring members must first be in good standing with the current year’s membership

dues fully paid.

  • A referral is a new business or repeat business (a business that hasn’t been a member for

more than one year) that joins the Chamber as a direct result of a current member’s

effort.  It does not apply to businesses that the Chamber is presently in contact with

regarding new membership.

  • Inform the business you are referring that you have submitted them as a potential new

member and that the Chamber will be contacting them.

  • Complete the online or print form and submit it to the Chamber office.
  • Should a referral form be submitted more than once for the same prospective member,

the Chamber will honor only the first referring business.

  • The Chamber will contact the referred business, mention your company as the referring

business, and encourage them to move forward with joining the Chamber.

  • One full year of membership dues must be paid by the new member within three months

of your referral.

  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.


New & Referring Business Rewards & Recognition

  • Once your referral joins the Chamber and pays its dues in full, your account will be

credited for $50 to be applied towards next year’s membership renewal dues.  It cannot

be applied to any Chamber event, program, or service. 

  • Your business will be recognized in the Chamber’s Business Connections Newsletter and

Chamber Website along with the new member’s announcement.

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