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Ambros Construction Inc.

Street: 13020 Tom White Way Suite E
Postcode: 90650
City: Norwalk
Federal State: CA
Contact Person: Dina Chavez
Phone: 562-200-0816

Currently hold CSLB license A, B & C-34 and are licensed, bonded and insured in the following work items:

Concrete Work, walkways and planters, driveway and aprons, curb and gutter work, asphalt and concrete parking lots, remodel work, room additions, general building work, residential and commercial, plumbing and electrical work, patio and back yard grading and concrete pads, upstairs additions rooms and living spaces, flood restoration work, main drain septic line and water mains repipe and unstopping, new home framing, wiring and plumbing.

Located In: Construction