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Zen's Tea House

Street: 12848 Pioneer Blvd.
Postcode: 90650
City: Norwalk
Federal State: CA
Contact Person: Fernando Lopez
Phone: 888-866-4299
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We deeply care about the products we produce and take great pride in being able to provide healthy organic blends of the highest quality.  We hope you join us in our effort and support our mission.  By buying our teas and herbs, you are supporting an alternative health movement that aims to help improve our nation's health.

Zen's Tea House educates customers about botanical medicine and the healing power of complimentary and preventative healthcare.  We desire nothing more than to share with others how cost effective, simple, and safe botanical medicine is and how it's recognized worldwide.

Zen's Tea House was founded in 2012 with the purpose of helping people through the power of tea.  Zen's Tea House believes in "quality over quantity."  This is not a marketing slogan, but an inherent philosophy. Zen's Tea House is helping our society by providing healthy organic products, offering free health education, and providing jobs.

Zen's Tea House works with Naturopathic Doctors, Homeopathic Doctors, and licensed Medical Physicians who specialize in a more preventative and natural approach to health.  Together we work to inform people that there are healthier options.

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