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U-Haul Company of Los Angeles

Street: 1285 E. Route 66
Postcode: 91740
City: Glendora
Federal State: CA
Contact Person: Teri Rash
Phone: 626-859-4500

U-Haul is a family-oriented company that highly values its team members and treats each team member like family.  The company was started by a family who wanted to help other families move.  When talking to any member of our team, sooner or later each one will say that the company is like a family to them.  With a strong family philosophy engrained in the company since day one, U-Haul has developed programs that compliment the federally compliant health-care plans being provided...programs aimed at establishing the right balance between life and work, for our team members and their families.  Here are just some of the Improving Life - Work Balance programs U-Haul has available.

Located In: Moving & Storage