Business Resources

A “one-stop” shop designed to assist Norwalk Chamber Members and the entire Norwalk business community in realizing the benefits and resources available through the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce.

The Norwalk Chamber Business Resource Center is designed as a multipurpose informational center for new and experienced business owners, as well as the community at large. The Business Resource Center offers numerous resource materials, marketing opportunities, technology access and an open door to the business community.

Resource Materials
For the prospective and new entrepreneur, the Center houses a variety of resource materials such as business start-up kits, business plan outlines, tax and fee information, as well as targeted materials for specific business needs, such as restaurants, service, retail, manufacturing, import/export, etc.

In addition to printed materials, the Chamber works collaboratively with the Small BusinessDevelopment Center (SBDC) representatives to bring “hands on” presentations and counseling opportunities to the Center to assist Norwalk businesses. A library is also available with books, periodicals, business journals, and audio/visual programs to further expand the Center’s informational resources.

Marketing Opportunities
Local realtors are asked to provide flyers and brochures promoting available commercial properties. In addition, all Chamber members are encouraged to promote their business through business cards and brochures that are displayed in racks within the Business Resource Center.

Technology Access
Computers, containing word processing and related software capabilities, are provided for Chamber members to use. In addition, one of the systems provides Internet access. With these facilities, Chamber members who are visiting the office or who do not have computing facilities in their business offices will be able to “surf the net,” and use the word processing and spreadsheet software that is available on the Center’s computers.

Norwalk community groups also have the opportunity to promote their programs and events through the Business Resource Center.

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